Welcome to GamersInk – A blog which I’ve made to share anything and everything related to games with fellow gamers and gaming tech enthusiasts like you, since I’m one of you!

Howdy fellow gamers!! I’m an enthusiastic gamers like you all who’s starting a journey as a full time Blogger by creating this informative space for every game out here where we’ll be getting in-and-out about games basically – it’s in the name!

This is my second blog technically as I’ve had one blog which I made in my free time while learning about blogging about a decade ago wherein I simply uploaded some game wallpapers which I’ve gathered from other websites. But that’s history, hah!

What you’ll find here?

You’ll be able to find a lot of different kinds of posts which I’ll be sharing here focusing on the following kinds, typically:

  • Game News
  • Games Reviews
  • Games Tech
  • Game Walkthroughs
  • Tips and Tricks for games
  • My personal game dev-log (yes, I’m into game-dev as well so I’ll be posting that stuff in a separate category later)
  • Game Streams (I’ll be streaming games on YouTube as well if you guys will like it)

…and more to come! Everything will be neatly categorized so that you guys can find your thing with a blink of your eye!

My expectations from you!

Nothing much! I’ll be glad if you
like any of my post and your feedback/response on the same will be greatly
appreciated. That way, I’ll know that what kind of content shall I share which
will benefit more and more gamers out here.

And if you’ll checkout some other articles related to your liking that I’ve posted for you all – it’ll make my day! My posts will be engaging enough that I’m already expecting a feedback on this post from you while you’re reading this beautiful!

Please don’t mind the occasional emojies
though! 😀

A gamer, coder, bike rider and a pet lover by heart! #4